Jass, proud to give you full IT solutions for your home, business, family and property. Connect to your home or business from anywhere with a Jass security camera system. Automate your home devices such as AC, Lighting, curtains and room temperature. Jass Security fire sensor, motion sensor, you can manage all these technology by simple interface installed on your pc, laptop, mobile and tablet device.


home Solutions

For home, garden, garage JASS automation system is the instant monitoring solution that provides you security, camera, smoke sensor, motion sensor, temperature sensor, automation scenarios to control your devices from your smart phone or tablet by a smart and simple touch.



School Solutions

A safe environment is a key to a successful school. Our kids, sons and daughters are the most important in our life, so for that, their schools, universities and other education places must be secured and safe by using security systems, automation, access control

We understand the unique challenges faced by schools, universities, and educational institutions. We specialize in providing innovative security solutions that secure public and private buildings, improve overall safety, and protect students, educators, and the general public.



Business Solutions

Offices, Coffee shops, Restaurants, malls, supermarkets, Whatever your type of business, the main concern remains to push your business forward and expand it with protection from hazards, here begins our role. Jass Business Solutions offer you a complete solution to automate your devices where your business is.



Security Cam

Image quality is clearly one of the most important features of any camera, if not the most important. Superior image quality enables the user to more closely follow details and changes in images, making way for better and faster decisions to more effectively safeguard people and property.



Fibaro Smart Home



The Fibaro System will transform every house into a self-regulating mechanism, which will facilitate the lives of all members of the household. Thanks to our solution, electrical devices in your house can communicate, providing you with a wide range of solutions and applications. Fibaro ensures comfort and security.