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Use infinite possibilities of the JASS System to for your comfort and convenience during everyday morning activities.


Central unit of the JASS System collects meteorological data, using which it customizes number of scheduled activities, such as adjusting temperature inside the house to your morning needs and habits.


Temperature in your house is now perfect. The house gently wakes you up by playing tunes from your favorite radio station, gradually increasing the volume.


Roller blinds pull up gently and your bedroom is flooded with natural light. In wintertime, the system turns on the light on 30% brightness, allowing your eyesight to gradually adjust to daylight.

Your eyes are open. The system senses motion in the bedroom and lights your way to the bathroom and the kitchen.

7:26 AM

Bathtub fills with hot water while coffee maker turns on. The TV turns on. There's nothing like the latest world news...


Roller blinds pull up gently and windows open slightly to let a breath of air into your house.

7:50 AM

You go back to aired bedroom. The system displays weather information on TV screen, thanks to which you dress appropriately for the weather. Your favorite music is played in the background.

8:00 AM

It's time to leave for work. The house turns off all devices, arms alarm system, pulls down roller blinds and locks the doors. Your house is now safe.