home Solution

For home, garden, garage JASS automation system is the instant monitoring solution that provides you security, camera, smoke sensor, motion sensor, temperature sensor, automation scenarios to control your devices from your smart phone or tablet by a smart and simple touch.

The main premise behind our System is the possibility to install it in any house, apartment or office building, without damaging the infrastructure. We offer you full control over your house, without the need to damage walls, modify switching stations or exchange switch-keys. It is our system that adjusts to your requirements, and not the other way round. It is one of the many differences which sets us apart from our competitors.




Smart Home


Smart Home system : it’s a system that help you to control everything ( light , AC , shutter ,TV…) by sensors , touch screen ,smart switches or even by your phone from inside and outside home. JASS will give you ability to do scene and control everything by one touch. JASS gives you more safety, less energy, luxury and easy life.



Home Security

JASS security system for every lifestyle, budget and need. Jass does more than keeps you and your family safe and secure.



Home Access Control

JASS Access control: Physical access control is a matter of whom, where, and when. JASS access control system determines where and when and who is allowed to enter or exit a place.



Home Lighting

Everyone has an imagination about his dream house, like different lighting system for each room or full lighting with less energy consumption, whatever your dream is; Jass helps you to achieve your dream and provides you with bright ideas to easily put you in control.



perfect scheduled scenes


Use infinite possibilities of the JASS System to for your comfort and convenience during everyday morning activities.



Return Back Scenes


After a hard day of work you deserve a rest. All you dream about is getting back home. Inform the JASS System and have it await your arrival. Create the right atmosphere in the house and ensure your comfort and convenience.