Motion Sensor


The motion sensor of Fibaro universal, unique and multifunctional Z-wave sensor. Besides registering movement, the device measures the temperature and light intensity.



Home Center 2

Home Center 2 (HC2) is the leading product of Fibaro, proven in over 50 countries! It combines unique interface and power. Its 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor coupled with 1GB RAM and 2GB of free disk space, more than enough for your needs. 



Home Center Lite

Home Center Lite (HCL) is a lightweight version of the already proven worldwide Home Center 2 (HC2). Despite its small scale, HCL proved worthy deputy, although it does not have voice commands and the ability to program additional, virtual devices, it provides you with everything you need to automate your home.



Door Window Sensor


The Door/window sensor is a battery powered reed sensor. It’s operation under the z-wave standard guarantees compatibility with the Fibaro system. The sensor expands the capabilities of the system by monitoring the opening of doors, windows and garage doors.



Smoke Sensor


The sensor is able to detect the early stages of a fire, often before the appearance of the flames themselves when the temperature began to rise significantly. This is due to the fact that he is equipped with a temperature sensor, which can also trigger the alarm system as soon as the set temperature threshold is exceeded.



Flood Sensor

Fibaro Flood Sensor – futuristic design, compact size, and a wide variety of additional functions. Fibaro Flood Sensor is simply remarkable! This unique device can guard you and your family’s safety.



RGBW Controller

Fibaro RGBW controller is designed to be compatible with both RGB and RGBW strips and bulbs. Moreover, it uses PWM output signals, allowing it to control LED, RGB, RGBW strips, halogen bulbs and fans.



Roller Shutter 2

This module allows the management of blinds, motorized curtains, awnings, blinds, barriers, gates, etc. That use single-phase current. The module allows precise positioning of the managed devices.



Relay Switch 2x1.5kW


Radioupravlyavaniyat double relay switch Fibaro is designed to be embedded directly in the console box of the double contact. Its capabilities extend to power two devices simultaneously, with a maximum capacity of 1500W.





The remotely controlled dimer Fibaro is designed so as to be mounted where there is present only a phase. Can be used only as a switch, allowing you to store and use the mechanical key in the box that will be installed.



Wall Plug


FIBARO Wall Plug with power metering feature is an intelligent, ultimate plug & play, extremely compact, most sophisticated, remotely controlled outlet adapter.



Universal Relay

Universal sensor Fibaro is a wireless module allows anyone already existing wire sensor with a binary signal to be connected to the wireless Z-Wave system Fibaro. The sensor is designed without its outer casing, thus it can be integrated directly into the sensor or other device, the functionality of which we want to improve.



Relay Switch 1x3kW

 The Fibaro control element allows the retrofit of a standard electric installation in an intelligent Z-Wave-based system. The device is placed into a conventional wall outlet directly behind the circuit breaker is already located there. Not directly on the switch to the consumer, but now only supplies a control signal to Fibaro device that in turn controls the consumers. This control is either via the local switch or radio.



Fibaro KeyFob Remote

Fibaro KeyFob is an intelligent device, which let you control more devices from one time by one click, double click or hold click.