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Interactive SMS Solution


Our SMS service centre (SMSC) lets you smoothly manage and deliver billions of SMS messages with efficiency, reliability and affordability. It'sscalable, flexible and robust and can stand alone or integrate with your other customer-facing solutions. Like all our solutions, it's backed by our professional, round-the-clock support team.

 SMS Mobile campaign for various activities like contest, quiz, voting, etc is another application that is beginning to receive a lot of attentions from the marketers.
This two-way, much interactive application require the marketers to publish the contest or quiz questions and mobile phone users will send in their answers through SMS anytime, anywhere they go.

The contest questions can be published on various media – newspaper, TV, radio, web, and mobile handsets if they can limit their questions within 160 characters.
These contests are typically running for many days. The other possibility is to have it during an on-site event like football match, F1, charity night, concert, or any other events.


  •     SMS Chat
  •     Voting
  •     Trivia (Competitions)


SMS Chat


there's :

  • Mobile To Mobile Chat




It is amazing service, Watch TV and chat with others and become friend with them, you can share your happiness, your ideas, your comments with millions of spectators which watching TV .

TV SMS CHAT let you meet the world from your home

Mobile To Mobile Chat

server that controls chat sessions for each user and can be used to create categorized public and private chat rooms.

  •     Chat with anybody in the world, from any device, from anywhere
  •     Highly secure solution that maintains complete privacy pertaining to user profiles
  •     Flexible and totally independent of protocols, platforms and chat devices
  •     Intuitive help system to get you started with the simple command syntax
  •     Capable of being customized to meet user specifications



Voting services it's allowing the spectators to vote for their famous, competitor, choice.  The spectators' voice or vote is very important in the real TV, because according their votes there is a winner.


Competition or Trivia



Contest application enables Mobile Operators, Service providers, Media Channels and other corporate to design and organize SMS Contest for their users. Providers can launch contest for their subscribers directly or integrate with any media channel or corporate to float the contest to gain revenues and subscriber base.

  •     The Contest Engine is a server-based application that can host an interactive session of a request-response on specified bearers.
  •     Contests can be single / multi level with question bank facility.
  •     Ability to handle a throughput of 300 transactions per sec on a single system
  •     A contest can have multiple winners. These can be selected by the system. A randomize option shall also be provided for a tie.
  •     The contest engine picks a question at random, if level contains more than one question.


Subscription SMS :

It si a service that gives you the freedom to follow breaking news from your mobile phone wherever you are, whether sports news, artistic, political, security, or even entertainment, participation in a very easy process, once you send subscription code from your mobile phone number on your country code.




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